Happy Birthday Sarah!

Happy Birthday Sarah!

To follow up on my birthday shout out to my best friend last week, I’d like to give an even greater dedication to my oldest sister, Sarah, who turned 26 today! Although we grew up leading very different lifestyles, as we got older we found similar ground to bond on. As I matured, she had less to tease me about while I also learned how to take her criticism with stride. Through our mutual love for art, fitness, and animals we have come to be very close. This weeks artwork is done by my sister, Sarah Cowie, accompanied with the hashtag #OOTD (outfit of the day). A very popular trend on Instagram right now is to post a photo of what you are wearing with the hashtag #OOTD. Fashion accounts as well as personal accounts participate in this trend on a daily basis since one’s personal style can say a lot about themselves and their tastes. People find pride in posting an image of their outfit and receiving recognition for it, validating their sense of style and individuality. Yet more often than not, the clothes these users are posting are extremely generic, cheap, and un-original.

Adventure Time T's by Sarah Cowie

Adventure Time T’s by Sarah Cowie – #ootd #adventuretime #finn #jake

In the midst of cliché photos of Brandy Melville skirts, knee high socks, and American Apparel crop tops comes Sarah’s hand painted t-shirts. While Sarah’s designs may appeal to an entirely different market than the previously mentioned brands, they are engaging nonetheless. Depicting images from pop culture, Sarah hand paints designs on t-shirts, mainly for family and friends, but also to make profit and get her artwork recognized. The subject matter typically falls under the genre of fantasy, sci-fi, or comedy in television and film. As seen above, these specific t-shirts depict designs from the popular Comedy Network program, Adventure Time. Check out this list of some more awesome Adventure Time fan art on Storify!


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