CariBreak timeline photo

Despite what social media network you check daily, there’s bound to be those friends that are 100% more obnoxious online than they are in person. Every Facebook user can relate to this annoyance when it comes to the typical club promoter. Chances are that you have more Facebook notifications from event invites than things you actually want to be notified about. These invites are often from people you aren’t very close with, and to events that you are 99% sure you will not actually attend. Whether it’s the hottest DJ coming to town or the next biggest excuse to drink all day (aka the approaching St. Patrick’s Day), these event invites are inevitably going to be in your face to make sure you attend or you WILL miss out on the best night of the year!

To be fair, event promoters that appeal to the right audience and use online social media marketing to their advantage do exist. But with an endless stream of events that appear to be more or less identical (insert DJ name here, enter nightlife sponsor and club name here, beside photo of attractive female, etc.) how do promotion companies stand out?

Meet Cordell Williams: founder of PUMP NATION, an event company that strives to bring something new to the nightlife scene in London, ON. As an event planning, management, and execution company, PUMP NATION is here to bring the Caribbean vibes of Trinidad and Tobago all the way to London, Ontario. Check out what he’s doing to stand out amongst the overwhelming amount of promoters in London:

Cari-Break Painting

Cari-Break Painting

Check out what Cordell has to say about how he is using my artwork to promote Cari-Break in an innovative, and exciting way:


Cari-Break is an event being held at Gastby Soundhouse & Bar on Thursday March, 27, 2014. This Caribbean themed night will be filled with bikinis, booze, and beach balls. With DJ’s coming in all the way from Trinidad to London, the event is bound to bring some exciting island vibes to London’s never ending winter.


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