#vincentchase #entourage #adriangrenier #MCM #mancrushmonday

#vincentchase #entourage #adriangrenier #MCM #mancrushmonday

On this horribly cold Monday, I’d like to bring a little sunshine into everyone else’s lives with the beautiful smile of actor Adrian Grenier. Above is a portrait I drew of Grenier four years ago in the peak of my Entourage obsession. Grenier is most well known for playing the role of Vincent Chase in the HBO series Entourage. Entourage ran for 8 seasons, from 2004-2011, and featured movie star Vincent Chase and his entourage of three best friends, Turtle, Johnny Drama, and Eric as they went through the fabulous ups and downs of Hollywood life. Vince’s gorgeous movie star looks were the centre of the plot line more often than not. He was always getting the “hottest” girls in Hollywood on screen while winning the hearts of fans at home.

Although the Entourage series ended three years ago, there has been buzz for years that they were going to create an Entourage movie. Fans’ dreams were finally verified on October 28, 2013 when Doug Ellin, the show creator and director tweeted:

Entourage Tweet

After this tweet featuring the main cast of Entourage saying “It’s a go. love you all.” the media went wild and the actors began to keep fans updated on the film via social media as they began shooting.

As a HUGE Entourage (and Vincent Chase) fan, the making of the Entourage movie is VERY exciting news. In lieu of this, I decided to post a drawing I did of Adrian Grenier a few years ago, when Entourage still aired weekly on HBO.

For the purposes of this blog post, as well as the fact that it is Monday, Adrian Grenier/Vincent Chase is my “man crush monday”.

One of the wonderful things about Instagram is that other users can find your posts by searching hashtags. If random smartphone users around the world seeing your photos seems like a huge invasion of privacy, then you can always make your account private. If not, using hashtags on Instagram posts is one of the best ways to get noticed.

Within the past year, trends pertaining to the day of the week have skyrocketed. 2014 calendars should realistically read something along the lines of this:

#mancrushmonday #transformationtuesday #womancrushwednesday #throwbackthursday #flashbackfriday #selfiesaturday #sundayfunday

By searching a hashtag or clicking on one that has already been posted, Instagram users can view posts from other accounts that used the same hashtag. Click on #mancrushmonday or #mcm today and you’ll see an overwhelming amount of posts of Leonardo Di Caprio at the Oscars last night in the midst of your typical Justin Bieber and One Direction members.

The fun thing about my particular #mancrushmonday post is that by using other hashtags when I originally posted this image to my personal Instagram account, my crush actually saw my drawing! By using the hashtags #vinnychase #entourage #drawing and tagging the account @adriangrenier, Adrian Grenier himself saw my drawing, commented and reposted it to his personal account. I was the first amongst many to be featured in his new hashtag: #DrawingsofAdrianGrenier through which he asked his followers to post artwork they have made of him and he’ll select one per week to repost onto his account.

My first post at @adriangrenier

My first post at @adriangrenier

My second post to @adriangrenier

My second post to @adriangrenier

Adrian Grenier's reposted Instagram of my drawing

Adrian Grenier’s reposted Instagram of my drawing

Check out @adriangrenier’s account for more amazing works of art by his fans! It’s incredible to see celebrities using platforms like Instagram to make a connection with their fans and even give them opportunities to spread their own talent.

Bottomline, don’t be afraid to use hashtags as they WILL get you noticed, sometimes even by your dreamy celebrity crush!

Care to check out some celebrity fan art gone awry? These artists may love celebrities, but their skills are sometimes not in line with their obsession… (by Cookies & Sangria)


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